Ever wonder how a company survives a lawsuit, and remains open for business? Ever wonder how some businesses seem to do well in a certain area while others seem to fail? Location, location, location is one of many key components to the longevity of your business. Be it brick and mortar or on the world wide web, where you place your business can make or break your business. And how you protect that business, in terms of insurance, can be the difference between hanging up an open sign, or informing the community that “Everything Must Go.”

Join us as we explore location opportunities, the benefits of protecting the company, and the potential dangers of leaving our assets exposed.

Let us assist you in your journey in attaining Excellence in Entrepreneurship.

Cost: OBE Members $10, Non-Members $20.

What to bring: This is a networking opportunity for collaboration and business growth. Don’t forget to bring a friend to share the experience.

Why Sunday? In a study by Redbooth, Monday is the most productive day of the week. We complete the most tasks at the beginning of the week. So why not start your week equipped with new skills, empowerment, and encouragement to jump into your professional and entrepreneurial journey! You won’t regret it!

Video conferencing is available.