Oklahoma Business Incentives & Tax Guide

Oklahoma has some of the lowest tax rates and some of the best tax incentives in the nation. The state offers companies a low cost of doing business, a low cost of living for employees, and tax rebates that reduce tax burdens even further.

The Oklahoma Team will help you identify all state and local incentives applicable to your project. Call the Oklahoma Team at 800-588-5959 today for your no-cost incentives analysis.

Get comprehensive, up-to-date information on Oklahoma’s business incentives and taxes. Oklahoma is globally recognized for its outstanding incentive programs and pro-business environment. Businesses can choose between a cash incentive or a tax credit package, and in some cases, qualifying businesses can take advantage of both programs. 

These incentive programs include:
  • Cash payment incentives
  • Economic Development & Infrastructure funding
  • Tax exemptions and credits
  • Engineer workforce tax credits
  • Income tax credits and exemptions for investors
  • Income tax credits and exemptions for entrepreneurs 
  • Sales tax exemptions and refunds
  • Transportation and distribution benefits
  • Major finance assistance programs
  • Technology finance assistance
  • Investment programs
  • Workforce assistance
  • Employee training opportunities
For additional information checkout the Oklahoma Business Incentives & Tax Guide for Fiscal Year 2020.